Every journey begins with a ***small step**** !!!

“Every journey begins with a small step”.. rightly said and this quote happens to be the reason for my first blog, my first step towards my journey as a writer. I was always fascinated about writing for two reasons. One, I have grown seeing my dad as a poet cum writer, who is my inspiration too and two, I just love it.

Why I feel writing is captivating is, it is directly connected to our creativity, reflects our thought process and has the power to influence the reader, if delivered in the right way.

Inspiration plays a role to kick start a habit. One needs to always look around for people who actually do what we wanted to do. I must be lucky to have friends who possess good writing skills and moreover encourage me to write too.

Even the greatest of the writers would have had the fear of failure or fear of rejection that every person who wants to write has today. I strongly feel if one can pull out some time from his/her busy schedule and focus on his/her thoughts, definitely the outcome is the best passages that have ever come out of you. I tried that and the outcome is what your are reading now. The best way to start with is to write your views about what has happened in your day.

Hope this inspires at least one among the many who is still waiting to sprout out of the seed to be a writer!!!


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