Month: April 2014

First impression is NOT the Best impression.

In our day to day life, we meet a lot of new people from an auto-man, a grocery shopkeeper, a complete stranger in the bus to a business person at the work place. But the first thing that we do as humans is to judge them.

Though we really do not feel the need to judge them, we actually do it. If you ask yourself, if you judged the person u will say ‘no’. But if you were told about that person you met, and then you cross verify your judgment, saying either “Yeah… I thought so…” or “Ohh.. I was wrong..”

In my case, it was mostly “Ohh.. I was wrong”, that’s when I felt the first impression is NOT the best impression.

Most of the people, whom I met as strangers, later happened to be my friend, were in my bad books initially. But when I moved along, got to know them in person and understood them very well, my first impression was proved wrong.

Now, you pick any one of your friends and just go back to the moment you met them first and think what your first impression was. 90% of the cases, your first impression is NOT the best impression.