Month: February 2015

Untouchability :(

“Untouchability is a sin.

 Untouchability is a crime.

 Untouchability is inhuman.” 

 Almost every student in Tamilnadu (India) would have read this on their textbooks.But I see that untouchability is still not considered a sin. It is neither a crime nor inhuman.

I had a chance to visit my friend’s village for my vacation. Farming is their primary business. Those landlords have people on the contract basis to work in their farms. People who work are generally from the “so-called” backward caste.

The landlords do not treat the workers equally. Workers are not allowed inside their house and are restricted from touching them. The saddest part is the workers should not use their vessels, in case they wanted to share the food, workers have to bring their own vessels and take it like a beggar from the landlords.

What I have seen in movies and read from books was happening before my eyes. The landlords extract work from the workers and deny the basic respect any human will want. Adding to all these disrespect, workers are not allowed inside the temple just because they are from the “so-called” backward caste. I was just wondering how did God differentiate people if he was one and created every one of us.

When I was talking about this to my friend ( who belongs to that village)  he says he was against all that and did not like it too. But he was helpless because even people from his generation were for untouchability just because they all live there and believe what their elders say.

All this left me worried. It might be the state of the 51 percent of the society (people living in rural areas in Tamilnadu as of census 2011). Young generation cannot raise their hands against what is happening around them. Do we always need revolutionists behind us? Can’t we learn from what has happened in the history? What are schools doing? What is the education used for?

I just left the village with a heavy heart and unanswered questions…