Expectation hurts…

     As a person, I have always understood that “Expectation hurts…”. Not only in relationships but also in my career and materialistic world, I have not had expectations.

    As a kid, I wished to own a lot of things like watches, sandals, pens. diaries.. But eventually, when I understood that my parents cannot afford to buy everything I wanted, I stopped wishing to own things. As a friend, I never expected my friends to be only mine.. or wish me on my birthday.. or share everything that happens in their life.. not even expected them to talk to me every day. As a daughter, I never expected my parents to pamper me..or hold my hands throughout my journey.. or least expected them to call me every day when I was away from home. As a sister, I never expected my siblings to always hang on to me. As an employee, I never expected any appreciations, incentives rather I always believed in being self-motivated. Finally, I never expected any fantasy or life-like fairy tale out of married life. I knew what life is and what it takes to be happy is “Never Expected Anything.. from Anyone..”. But….

    Though throughout my lifetime I lived by the rule “Never Expect”.. it no more holds true as a mother. I want my kid to hang on to me. I want to be the one who loves him more than anybody.. I want him to love me more than anybody.. I want to take full responsibility of what he does and who he becomes. These are the expectations that I have been having from the day I knew I am going-to-be mom. But now I get hurt as I don’t foresee my expectations being fulfilled. I keep telling myself that this might not happen, better not to expect. All this is because I am not the full-time caretaker of my kid, hence I obviously cannot expect the kid to glue with me. 

   So working mothers should never expect anything in return from your kid other than seeing your kid being happy. If your kid is not the world for you, better not expect anything back. Better build the habit of not expecting anything but just giving all the love and care possible to your kid. Keep Smiling 🙂

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