My view on books… (Review)

Immortals of Meluha – Amish Tripati

The book was a blockbuster in its kind. Amish had kept the reader with him. Though the narration style is too descriptive which makes the reader put down the book out at times, the content is extraordinary. Worth a read for Siva fans.

Secret of Nagas – Amish Tripati

The most awaited sequel of the year 2012.The suspense is supposed that is to be revealed at the end of this book, is very much predictable half way through. Never felt like taking the next book in the trilogy series.

The Alchemist – Paulo Coelho

A Best known book of Paulo Coelho. Self Improvement book in a form of the story of a shepherd boy. As the story starts with a shepherd boy moving from place to place with his shepherds, it goes on with him going in search of the treasure. The reader will be able to relate the story to the philosophies in life. Quotes from this book are guidelines on life. 

The Monk who sold his Ferrai – Robin Sharma

The turning point book in my life. Whenever I came across this book, I thought it was some kind of novel. But I understood it was a self-improvement novel from one of my friends and put it my queue. It is a great feel, felt very refreshed after reading this book.

Deception Point – Dan Brown

Dan brown rocks as usual. The thrill is maintained throughout the book. More of NASA and US government’s politics. But at the point where the scientists had to escape from the glaciers becomes too lengthy and boring for a thriller novel reader.

The Magic – Rhonda Byrne

The next in the list of my self-help books. It highlights the importance of being grateful. Rhonda Byrne explains and guides us how to be thankful for what we have in our lives and how the thankfulness helps in getting better in our lives.

Sirragai Virippom – Thenkachi Ko Swaminathan

The first self-help book in Tamil, which I had read. The way the author explains the virtues and values that we lost and we need in a witty way is amazing.

The MegaLiving!!! – Robin Sharma

The most disappointing self-help book. My expectations were high because the author was Robin Sharma. The second half of the book, I just skimmed through.

Random Thoughts – V. Irai Anbu

The content of the book was amazing, but due to the flowery vocabulary of The Hindu publication, most of the thoughts that author wanted to share will not reach the reader.

The Story of My life – Hellen Keller

The book that I always wanted to read. Hellen Keller explains her world of lights and colors.. her world of reading. It is just astonishing for the reader to know what Hellen Keller had accomplished. The book will definitely take you through the life of Dumb and Deaf child who has over-grown her physical challenges.

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