Month: March 2016

BIRT (Tips and Tricks)

BIRT (Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools)  is an open source project on Eclipse (IDE) which is a reporting framework. Refer to BIRT Project for more details. This article concentrates on the designing part of the BIRT tool. Here are some of the useful and simple features of BIRT designer that I have used.

1. To Remove duplicates in a column, select the column –> properties –> Advanced –> Set “Suppress Duplicates” = true. This features will suppress the duplicate column values.

Suppress Duplicates.jpg
2. To get Serial Number in a column, AGGREGATION Component can be used with RUNNINGCOUNT function.

Running Count.jpg
3. If a table is used within a table or crosstab within a table,the “filter” option can be used to get only the data related to that group.

4. The “highlight” tab can be used to highlight the cell based on a given condition.

5. To set the background image the below script can be used in the “On Prepare” property of Advanced tab.
this.getParent().getStyle().backgroudImage = params[<URL of the image>]

Background image.jpg
6. When using a table within a table, for the inner table size to auto adjust based on the data, the outer table’s> row->Property->height/width should be null/empty.

7. In the BIRT version which does not have the preview option, “View Report in Web Viewer” option can be used to run the report and also see the exception stack trace. Other viewers might not give the exception trace.

View Report.jpg


In search of Humanity!!!

Humanity.. I do not actually know what explanation the dictionary gives for this, but in my opinion, it is the act of a human extending help to the next human whenever required and whenever possible. The question is, is every single human up to this. No, not at all. I happened to witness this in a couple of instances.

One incident was at a hospital. While I was waiting for my turn to visit the doctor, a woman who was sitting behind me had breathing trouble. She needed help! For some reason, I did not notice that until the person next me had turned back to check what was happening. When I looked back to find out what the problem was, I understood she required attention and immediately went near her to check what was wrong. Finally, I had to inform the nurse about the emergency condition. However, after a while, I realized that no one was there to help her. I was shocked how could people just sit and watch somebody suffer and literally leave them alone struggling in front of them.

Do not be bothered about anybody other than your family & friends” –  This is how people are. This is the way the world is. This is what parents teach their kids. Nevertheless, I feel this should change. At least, if one is sure that he/she will not get into any problems by extending help, he/she should help the next person.

This can happen to us. Imagine if we need help and we see no one around helping. Then we will realize what it is to ignore when someone needs help.

There is no value in talking about technology, science, spirituality if we do have this basic sense of responsibility of helping the needy.

I feel the below picture better explains what Humanity is!!!


Photo Courtesy: The Internet


அலை அலையாக 
மழலை பேச்சு..
விளையாடிக் கொண்டிருந்தது.. 
பிடிக்கவில்லை போல..
ஏனோ என்னிடம் 
சொல்ல வந்துவிட்டு 
சொல்லாமல் சென்றது…
வரம் தான்..
குழந்தையாகவே இருக்கும் 
Photo Courtesy: The Internet