BIRT (Tips and Tricks)

BIRT (Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools)  is an open source project on Eclipse (IDE) which is a reporting framework. Refer to BIRT Project for more details. This article concentrates on the designing part of the BIRT tool. Here are some of the useful and simple features of BIRT designer that I have used.

1. To Remove duplicates in a column, select the column –> properties –> Advanced –> Set “Suppress Duplicates” = true. This features will suppress the duplicate column values.

Suppress Duplicates.jpg
2. To get Serial Number in a column, AGGREGATION Component can be used with RUNNINGCOUNT function.

Running Count.jpg
3. If a table is used within a table or crosstab within a table,the “filter” option can be used to get only the data related to that group.

4. The “highlight” tab can be used to highlight the cell based on a given condition.

5. To set the background image the below script can be used in the “On Prepare” property of Advanced tab.
this.getParent().getStyle().backgroudImage = params[<URL of the image>]

Background image.jpg
6. When using a table within a table, for the inner table size to auto adjust based on the data, the outer table’s> row->Property->height/width should be null/empty.

7. In the BIRT version which does not have the preview option, “View Report in Web Viewer” option can be used to run the report and also see the exception stack trace. Other viewers might not give the exception trace.

View Report.jpg


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