Month: April 2016

Being polite, is it good or bad?

Being polite, is it good or bad?

As a kid, we were all taught to be courteous. As we grew, few of us picked it up, tend to be polite and respectful of others. I was one of the few, who cultivated the habit of being courteous.

Being an adult and have been polite to people for years. I have a confusion now as to whether it is doing good or bad to me. I was under the impression that being polite is always of great value for the fact that we hurt none. Probably, most of the times it has been true as well.

This moment, I felt being polite is not always good. It turns out to be my weakness. Just because I don’t want to hurt people and never wanted to argue, I am not in a position to express my thoughts. I am not able to put forward my opinion without getting hurt in the due course of the argument. I am losing myself in the process of being polite. End of the day,  I see things happening differently rather against my opinion, just because I am not able to raise my voice for what I want to be or how I want things to happen.

Apart from being polite, I strongly believe one should develop the habit of speaking out what we feel is wrong or right to whomever, without having the fear of hurting them or without having to take back a bad feeling after the conversation, if it is going to do good to oneself and others.

I am really not sure if I could change myself to stand for what I feel is right outgrowing the bad feeling for hurting others.