You want it. You do it!

You want it. You do it! No matter what! I understood this when I was watching a talk show last weekend. There were two sets of people, all of them were 2016 toppers in XII public examinations in Tamilnadu, but one set was from private schools and privileged background and the other set was from government schools and comparatively less privileged background.

So the point here is all were toppers who scored more than 95 percent in their public examinations. It is obvious that students from a good background and support with all facilities around would do well. One the other end, those from less privileged, with day to day challenges in their family and school, has outgrown their difficulties equipping themselves very well and scored really well in their examinations.

I was literally crying when I heard the story of a girl whose parents were daily wage labours, father working in tea shop and mother making bidi (a local cigarette). On top of all these, she does not have staffs at her school for a few subjects and they had to learn on their own. In spite of all these, she has managed to study. Incredible! Instead of complaining about what she doesn’t have, she had a clear and strong vision that only education can improve their standard of living. Heights of determination and positivity!

This is why I said “You want it, you do it. No matter what!”. Most of us, at least I would assume if you are reading this you have access to the web with a good equipment in front of you, but still keep complaining about what we do not have and give lame reasons for what we have not achieved. “Stop Complaining and start working” and every time you feel you do not have enough facility think of this girl who could study despite her bad circumstances. Keep going ahead with your dreams.

Cheers. Keep Smiling!

Photo Courtesy: The Internet


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