Healthy Vegetable Pakoda

Yet Another Interesting Recipe!

Vegetable Pakoda is one of the healthy and tasty evening snacks.


Cabbage – half of small once
Carrot – 1
Potato – 1
Onion – 1
Rice Flour – half cup
Urad dal Flour – half cup
Roasted gram Flour – half cup
Pepper powder –
Chilli powder


1. Clean the vegetables and onion. Chop then finely. Chop the carrot and potato like sticks.
2. Mix the chopped vegetables with Rice Flour, Urad dal flour and Roasted Gram flour.
3. Add pepper powder, chilli powder and salt as per taste.
4. Sprinkle some water on the mix until the flour finely sticks to the vegetables like paste.
5. Heat oil in a pan and deep fry the mixture in small pieces.

Hot Vegetable Pakoda is ready to be served.

Courtesy: Innovation!




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