Month: November 2016

People judge others by their own Standards!

Every day we judge people and we are being judged by others. The judging is all about having an opinion about others.

Recollect the quote from one of my old blog posts

“Judging a person does not define who they are, it defines who you are.”

What I had believed in as a phrase has become true. When I am being judged by others, I realized that I am being evaluated by their standards. There were times when I used to take other’s opinion on me very seriously and had also worried about not being the way others wanted me to be. But then later, I realized that I was so crazy and how could it be even possible to live/behave the way others wanted, then who am I… what identity do I have… and likewise questions kept on rising…

As I started being aware that I am being taken down by other’s opinion about me, I slowly started evaluating myself (basically judging myself 😉 ). Then, I understood that I am the best person I ever know according to my standards. I have my own principles which I live by and as long as I am myself, I will be proud about that, just ignoring the comments or opinion others have on me, which is of no importance to me unless it comes from people whom I really respect.

According to my standards, the moment you start judging others you are going less by your standard.

          “Never judge others! Ignore the opinion from people, which adds no value to you!”

Photo Courtesy: The Internet