The “Friend” who never hurts you…

Writing is always my passion. It enables me to be myself and most of the times it reflects me.

Rewinding my memories, I realise that I developed a passion for writing from my Dad. I am grateful to him for inculcating the habit in himself which is a great source of inspiration for me. Moreover, I started all this by journaling my daily activities which slowly built crave for writing.

Although I have stopped journaling every day, I have a dairy for myself to keep note of important moments. It is really refreshing when I look back those pleasant memories. However it is after all life, there are also sour moments which remind me to be strong and not repeat my mistakes.

I make my dairy colourful by pinning cards, dry flowers, etc. which I feel is a priceless possession.

My diary is also my anthology. I make note of all my favourite quotes and excerpts from the books I read which I feel guides me in my life.

The Diary, will always be your best friend, who you can go back to for anything and the best part is it NEVER HURTS YOU!

P.S: The diary in the header image is mine 🙂


கற்பனையில் மட்டும் தாய்

தாயின் பாசத்திற்கும்
பாட்டியின் பாசத்திற்கும்
இடையில் சிக்கி
ஓர் குழந்தை!

தன் குழந்தையின்
பாசத்திற்கு ஏங்கிய போது…
தன் உலகமே
அந்த குழந்தை

தன் குழந்தையின் நலம்..
தன் குடும்பத்தின் நிம்மதி…
தாய்மை உணர்வை…
கட்டுபடுத்திக் கொண்டாள்
அந்த தாய்..

மார்போடு அனைத்துக் கொள்ளாமல்
தூரம் நின்று ரசித்து சிரித்தாள்..
கற்பனையில் வாழ்ந்தாள்..
தன்னையே ஏம்மாற்றி கொள்வதை
அந்த தாய்…

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Trip to Rajasthan…

2016 Year End! We are all set for our trip to Rajasthan

Day 1: The trip started from Bangalore when we were all excited for the travel. We reached the airport early in the morning to avoid last minute hurry as this was a trip after all to relax. But the flight got delayed due to bad weather, however, we reached Jodhpur by noon the same day. Jodhpur in my view was a clean and calm city. The roads were quite broad and well laid. After checking in into the hotel and refreshing, we headed to Jodhpur fort. The fort was really big, but was crowded which made sight seeing less enjoyable. The collection of weapons is definitely a great cultural heritage in our country. Close by the Jodhpur fort was Jaswant Thada, a clean and beautiful place. I had my time in peace and tried a bit of photography as well. The final place of visit in Jodhpur was Mandore garden, which I felt could have been maintained better to attract tourist. The garden had some architecturally well-built buildings and all-by-itself-grown bougainvilleas.

Day 2: We started from Jodhpur to Jaisalmer. It was a long journey. Jaisalmer is one of the under-developed cities whose major source of living is tourism. We had a lunch and visited Gaddi Sagar lake. It was a pleasant lake for boating and it was a totally refreshing experience. It is a good place to shop, the lake had a few shops which had a good collection of dresses and Rajasthani stuff at reasonable prices. That evening we spent at sunset point. It was a breathtaking view of the sunset with a lot of photography explored.

Day 3: The most expected day of the trip. The day started in the War Museum, Jaisalmer. It is a tribute to all brave soldiers who lost their lives to save our country. Excellently maintained. After which we headed to Sam, on the way we visited Kuldara village, an abandoned village which looks haunted. We reached Sam. We visited Desert National Park, which in my view was a useless place visited during our whole trip. We did not even spot one desert animal. Next was the most exciting and thrilling jeep safari in the Sam Sand Dunes. Finally, we checked in into Desert Camp the most awaited part of the trip. It was a well spent evening with the sand dunes, sunset and Rajasthani folk dance.

Day 4: We started to Bikaner, which was again a long and tiring travel. We visited the Bikaner fort around noon. The fort was very well maintained. It had wonderful interior architecture and a large collection of weapons displayed at the museum. We checked in at the hotel and we need some rest so did not plan anything for the evening.

Day 5: We started to Jaipur, our final destination in the trip. We directly visited Amer fort where we did some shopping as well. We went via Hawa mahal, but did not stop there. The day was done.

Day 6: The day started off with our visit to City Palace and Jantar Mantar. Jantar Mantar had awesome scientific astronomical instruments which were built in the 18th and 19th century. Next was our visit to Jaigarh fort from where we had a good aerial view of Amer fort. Close by was Nahargarh fort which had a wax museum of celebrities. The wax models were really good and looking real. ALL DONE for the trip! We had lunch and headed to Jaipur airport for our return to Bangalore.

December is the right time to visit Rajasthan. Hope this helps to plan your trip!!!


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Thanks would be less!

It’s time for thanking someone 🙂

Each one of us would admire someone just because we weren’t able to be like the way they are. We could like their character, they way they carry themselves, the way the talk, it could be anything…

I am going to talk about one such person in my life!

If I idolize a girl, it would be her…

A girl who broke out of the shell created by our society…
A girl who loves to talk…
A girl who helps anyone in spite of her commitments…
A girl who takes care of everyone around…
A girl who reads a lot…
A girl who travels a lot…
A girl who bold enough to stand for her wishes and decisions…
A girl who is not taken away by other’s opinion…
A girl who is herself always!
A girl who loves herself!

A girl who is the reason behind my blog! I was inspired by her to write my own blog.

Thank you, Arunadevi Raju!!!

Follow such a personality @ https://msarunaraju.wordpress.com to know her world!

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People judge others by their own Standards!

Every day we judge people and we are being judged by others. The judging is all about having an opinion about others.

Recollect the quote from one of my old blog posts

“Judging a person does not define who they are, it defines who you are.”

What I had believed in as a phrase has become true. When I am being judged by others, I realized that I am being evaluated by their standards. There were times when I used to take other’s opinion on me very seriously and had also worried about not being the way others wanted me to be. But then later, I realized that I was so crazy and how could it be even possible to live/behave the way others wanted, then who am I… what identity do I have… and likewise questions kept on rising…

As I started being aware that I am being taken down by other’s opinion about me, I slowly started evaluating myself (basically judging myself 😉 ). Then, I understood that I am the best person I ever know according to my standards. I have my own principles which I live by and as long as I am myself, I will be proud about that, just ignoring the comments or opinion others have on me, which is of no importance to me unless it comes from people whom I really respect.

According to my standards, the moment you start judging others you are going less by your standard.

          “Never judge others! Ignore the opinion from people, which adds no value to you!”

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You want it. You do it!

You want it. You do it! No matter what! I understood this when I was watching a talk show last weekend. There were two sets of people, all of them were 2016 toppers in XII public examinations in Tamilnadu, but one set was from private schools and privileged background and the other set was from government schools and comparatively less privileged background.

So the point here is all were toppers who scored more than 95 percent in their public examinations. It is obvious that students from a good background and support with all facilities around would do well. One the other end, those from less privileged, with day to day challenges in their family and school, has outgrown their difficulties equipping themselves very well and scored really well in their examinations.

I was literally crying when I heard the story of a girl whose parents were daily wage labours, father working in tea shop and mother making bidi (a local cigarette). On top of all these, she does not have staffs at her school for a few subjects and they had to learn on their own. In spite of all these, she has managed to study. Incredible! Instead of complaining about what she doesn’t have, she had a clear and strong vision that only education can improve their standard of living. Heights of determination and positivity!

This is why I said “You want it, you do it. No matter what!”. Most of us, at least I would assume if you are reading this you have access to the web with a good equipment in front of you, but still keep complaining about what we do not have and give lame reasons for what we have not achieved. “Stop Complaining and start working” and every time you feel you do not have enough facility think of this girl who could study despite her bad circumstances. Keep going ahead with your dreams.

Cheers. Keep Smiling!

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Being polite, is it good or bad?

Being polite, is it good or bad?

As a kid, we were all taught to be courteous. As we grew, few of us picked it up, tend to be polite and respectful of others. I was one of the few, who cultivated the habit of being courteous.

Being an adult and have been polite to people for years. I have a confusion now as to whether it is doing good or bad to me. I was under the impression that being polite is always of great value for the fact that we hurt none. Probably, most of the times it has been true as well.

This moment, I felt being polite is not always good. It turns out to be my weakness. Just because I don’t want to hurt people and never wanted to argue, I am not in a position to express my thoughts. I am not able to put forward my opinion without getting hurt in the due course of the argument. I am losing myself in the process of being polite. End of the day,  I see things happening differently rather against my opinion, just because I am not able to raise my voice for what I want to be or how I want things to happen.

Apart from being polite, I strongly believe one should develop the habit of speaking out what we feel is wrong or right to whomever, without having the fear of hurting them or without having to take back a bad feeling after the conversation, if it is going to do good to oneself and others.

I am really not sure if I could change myself to stand for what I feel is right outgrowing the bad feeling for hurting others.